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In July we held our last Transnational Partnership Meeting in the fair city of Liverpool. For me, this was a fitting place for us to meet for the last time as it is a place that is close to my heart as are the brilliant EU partners.

This project has been a pleasure to co-ordinate because there has been real collaboration, for the project aims. There were many potential hazards on the path of this project with Covid creating havoc and with project managers leaving, (with only one original project manager, Marco from COSV, who is still with us). It is a testament to the partners’ excellent communication, enthusiasm, and commitment to this project that we achieved the goals without any disruption, despite the hazards.

We have been working on this project since September 2020 to produce a toolkit (resource pack) with video guides created for NGOs, charities, and voluntary organisations to use storytelling to measure impact. It is designed to help organisations, teams, and individuals to use storytelling to find out what is working and what needs to be improved.

Each partner has worked hard over the past three years to co-create this as well as carry out their role in each organisation. Some of which are grassroots organisations providing important services for people. I feel privileged to have had the chance to share practice, knowledge, and skills with our partners across the channel.

I do hope that our paths will cross again and say A Bientot, not Au Revoir.

– Kath Peters, Narratives of Impact project manager, PVM.

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