step by step’ tutorials To measure impact with
storytelling activities in different contexts

Video Guides

Five video guides to help you with the use of storytelling for social impact

We produced five short video guides that will support people to use storytelling for social impact and to measure change-making processes. Each video is focused on a different topic and/or method that we analyzed and developed in our Toolkit. The video are ‘step by step’ tutorials into how participants can use digital storytelling to meet their own needs in their own contexts. They provide practical instructions as well as top tips and advices based on the learning from the project.

Introduction Guide

1. Working with People and using Stories to Measure Impact

This video shows how to use 'The Social Pentagram' activity to use storytelling to engage with people and measure the impact.

Produced by Fundacion Intras

2. Using Gaming to create and measure impact

This video guide shows how to use the "Hackaton" activity that takes data such as statistics, and turns it into visual stories.

Produced by CRN - Comparative Research Network

3. Using Digital Storytelling to measure impact

This video explores how you can use digital tools such as mobile phones, tablets, video cameras, etc. to help record stories that measure impact.

Produced by COSV and SNDE

4. Measuring Impact with Stories

This video guide shows how to use the 'Journey Story' method to measure impact with storytelling.

Produced by People's Voice Media

If you want to know more about how to use storytelling to measure impact, we produced a toolkit for practitioners and facilitators

Narratives of Impact Toolkit

A guide to use storytelling as a tool to measure impact

A Toolkit for practitioners and facilitators, that will help them to use storytelling as a tool for the creation and the measurement of impact