Art with a soul – A sentimental journey in Denmark

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Art Exhibition in Naestved -A sentimental journey in Denmark (written by our partner Stowarzyszenie Na Droga Ekspresji)

Together with Nicolas Szopiński and Michał Pniewski, the association “SNDE – Stowarzyszenie Na Droga Ekspresji” has presented their arts during the international exhibition “Art with a Soul”, which took place on April 23 – 24, 2022 in the Danish city Naestved – Sopot sister city.

The exhibition has been organised by the association “Naestved kultur foreingen” for many years and as far as we know, this will be its last edition. We still don’t know what will be the future of the event, but we are sure that it has been a great experience for the people of our association throughout all the past years.

This edition of the exhibition was attended by many independent artists coming from Ateliers and self-help clubs from Denmark and Spain, such as Fountain House Aften Skole, Bilba Art. and Kulturalforeingen.

The “spiritus movens” of the event was, as every year, supported by a strong group of the Association’s volunteers, Mr Hernan Gonzalez. During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to meet fellow artists, including Ditte and David, who we met also in the event “Days of Solidarity with Persons with Experience of Mental Crisis” in 2021, in Sopot. We expect to meet them at this year’s Artistic Open Air in Sopot and Gdynia.

This trip to the exhibition was an excellent opportunity to use one of the methods of social impact research that we learned at the “Narratives of Impact” project workshop. That’s why we decided to record the artists’ statements about their expectations, their ideas about the trip, the emotions that they experienced during the exhibition, and we invited them to share their thoughts after returning to the country.

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